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Personalized Home Care Plans for Older Adults

Let Dovetail Advocacy be your care connector. Building a relationship with a consistent point of contact will give you confidence when it comes to making decisions about your future.

Our Services

Dovetail Advocacy for Older Adults creates personalized home care plans for aging adults living in Waukesha County.

To start we offer a free phone consultation. During that conversation we can find out what a client or family member wants and determine if we can meet that need.

Next, we will meet face to face with the client and any family or friends he or she wants involved. We will listen to what is important and needed from the client’s perspective.  We may observe the client’s routine and ask questions about what would make the client feel safer and more independent at home.  We will talk to family or friends to learn about any concerns they may have.  This initial meeting lasts 1-2 hours as we take our time to get to know the client and their family so that we can understand everyone’s unique situation and what’s valuable to them.  

Following this meeting we will put together a personalized written assessment that includes recommendations for immediate and future needs.  The assessment considers what the client wants to continue doing and advises options.   We can research what Medicare will and will not pay for and the cost of uncovered services to help you figure out how to proceed.

When the client is ready, we can locate providers and make calls to doctor’s offices, insurance companies or local businesses.  From there Dovetail Advocacy can coordinate appointments and stay in touch to make sure things go as planned. 

Care Coordination

At this time we do not have our own staff to provide the cares and services recommended on our written assessment. Instead, we work to find the best fit for you from other businesses in the area.  We are located in Waukesha County and ready to look into any services that don’t meet your expectations.

The care coordination that Dovetail Advocacy offers is not covered by Medicare or insurance.  Despite this, we believe our service is important and can save money over time by helping people stay in their own homes longer and by being purposeful when arranging help. 

Contact Dovetail Advocacy

Navigating the challenges of home care isn’t easy. We’ll ensure your loved one gets the care they need to remain safely and happily in their home, while preserving their dignity and wellbeing as they age.

Call us today at 262-264-8927 or contact us online to get started with an initial phone consultation at no charge to you.