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Dovetail Advocacy for Older Adults

Like the interlocking joints of a dovetail drawer, we strive to combine our skills with our clients’ desires to age well in their homes.

About Stacey LaFlamme

Stacey LaFlamme is the owner and founder of Dovetail Advocacy for Older Adults. She graduated from UW-Madison with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy in 2002 and has worked as an occupational therapist in a hospital setting for many years. Stacey is skilled in assessing people’s daily self-care capabilities and safety when moving around their environment. Listening to what is important to people, she creates treatment plans and suggests changes that help people build on their existing strengths and in other cases regain their independence.

In the years before she had her two daughters, Stacey was the administrator of a pediatric home health agency in Dane County. In addition, to managing the daily business operations, she recruited and trained caregivers to provide personal care services in families’ homes.

It was in 2017 that Stacey discovered her true passion when she became an advocate for her great-aunt.  A stroke left her unable to talk or use her right arm and leg to walk, get dressed and complete her daily routine as she had previously.  Stacey realized her great-aunt needed someone to advocate for a proper wheelchair, ask for a swallow study so she could eat more appealing foods, and collaborate with the nursing staff so she could use the bathroom at predictable times. Stacey communicated with family members to assist in decision making and showed them ways to support a relative who needed more help than ever before.

Since that experience Stacey chose to create Dovetail Advocacy for Older Adults in order to help older adults age with dignity and develop the necessary supports they need to remain as independent as possible. This is how Dovetail was created.

Our Mission

The main purpose of Dovetail Advocacy is to help clients and their families identify and coordinate possible changes within their homes in order for them to feel more confident in remaining independent. Sometimes simple changes in every day tasks enable our clients to feel safer in their own homes.  Other clients need short period assistance only as they make the transition back home following a hospital or rehabilitative stay.

We also work with family members who want to help but feel overwhelmed or powerless.  In many instances family members don’t live nearby, they don’t know where to start or have so many other responsibilities that their time is limited.  Dovetail Advocacy can be your one contact by coordinating care for your loved one. 

Even in situations where a need is understood, we recognize how daunting it can feel to make calls when you aren’t sure who to call or what to ask.  Let Dovetail Advocacy figure out where to start, make those calls for you and follow through.

Contact Dovetail Advocacy

Navigating the challenges of home care isn’t easy. We’ll ensure your loved one gets the care they need to remain safely and happily in their home, while preserving their dignity and wellbeing as they age.

Call us today at 262-264-8927 or contact us online to get started with an initial phone consultation at no charge to you.